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‘Creative Me’ – keys to creativity – Half Term Workshop, 25th & 26th October 2016


Product Description

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Creative Me
is a unique and inspirational painting workshop designed to help fire up your creativity and give you skills to develop great paintiCreative Me Logongs. In the space of a weekend you’ll learn how to overcome self doubt, find your own unique artistic voice and become a more creative and productive artist.

Suitable for people with a passion for art at all skill levels.

A successful, internationally acknowledged artist, Helen Elliott has a reputation as a talented and inspirational teacher. She is also a fully accredited Golden Artists Paints Inc. artist educator.

All professional materials are included, including canvases. 

Places are very limited for each workshop, do book early.

Price includes a vegetarian lunch, drinks and snacks.



The Creative Me workshops are based on what I have learned in 25 years of being an artist.

The first thing is to Be Brave

Remember when we embark on any creative process, our fears doubts and insecurities will naturally come up to the surface. This is good, it is progress, think of each as a stepping stone to the creative life.

So – face your fears. It is true that life shrinks or expands according to our courageousness.

Be brave then! why not? what have you got to loose? This is a fact: at the end of the day, it’s only paint and it’s only canvas. The rest of it is the thoughts and feelings are our own constructs, and it is within our power to choose which of these thoughts we will engage with, and to change those that are not helpful.

For these workshops we will use acrylic paints, as they are the easiest paints to use for all abilities, and produce stunning colours. Acrylic paints are essentially a dye or pigment and a polymer binder. They dry fast (about 5 minutes for a thin-ish layer) – so you’ll need to always keep your brushes in water to avoid then drying out and becoming useless. You’ll also need to wear an apron, or old clothes, as acrylic paint won’t easily wash off, if at all, once dry. It’s tough stuff!




All our workshops are held at The Ceridwen Centre, a beautiful eco retreat and holiday centre in West Wales.  Accommodation is available at the centre, please book directly with them.

We can deliver the Creative Me Workshops and locations around  the UK and the world, for groups of ten or more. Please contact us to discuss this exciting possibility.


"...... they make me smile"