Kickstart your Creativity

1408053223kickstart-your-creativity-logoThe “Kickstart your Creativity” workshop is a one day  introduction to the endless possibilities of acrylic paints – heavy body acrylics, fluid acrylics, and ‘hi-flow’ acrylics, as well as different acrylic media, gels and pastes. Participants are given all the equipment, paints and media they need to experiment with different approaches to applying this most versatile paint.

Applications range from using acrylics as watercolours, traditionally as oils, and as ‘skins’. We’ll also try out acrylics with crackle paste, moulding paste and high
gloss gels to produce a variety of inspiring and interesting effects. We use professional high quality acrylic paints, because using great paint is the key to making to great paintings.

This workshop will provide all the products you need to begin to discover the endless possibilities of differing viscosities and textures of paint. Sometimes just the juicy physicality of material will spark your imagination…..

This workshop creates informal, relaxed and playful environment and gives you understandable, clear experiences of what each product can do.

The workshop is lead by demonstration, with participants then able to follow the examples to try the technique and product for themselves. It is not expected that a finished painting will be the result – it is more about having a chance to experiment with different methods of applying the paint.

Participants will leave the workshop with all their demo boards and some samples of Golden professional acrylic paint and media, as well as full workshop notes so that they can immediately continue to experiment and have fun when they’re back home.

The workshop is suitable for all levels of ability, ages 15+. Group size is a maximum of twelve.

Creative Me Leaf Logo‘KICKSTART your CREATIVITY’ course content

  • by demonstration and hands on practice the magic and versatility of new acrylic paint and mediums
  • Gelli plate printing with ‘open’ acrylics
  • Impasto painting with gels and paints
  • Making skins with fluids and gels
  • Blending and subtractive techniques with ‘open’ acrylics
  • Using acrylics as oils
  • Using acrylics as watercolours
  • Iridescence, interference and colour transfer paints
  • All materials and equipment is provided
  • Includes a fully comprehensive workshop booklet

Creative Me Leaf Logo
‘KICKSTART’ workshops are for you if….

  • You want to explore the rapidly expanding word of professional acrylic paint
  • You want to try out a whole range of professional quality acrylic paints an mediums and gain knowledge about their application
  • You’d like practical tips and techniques that you can easily apply to give your paintings an edge
  • You want to give your paintings an edge, using new materials
  • You want to discover and try out new techniques with paint and media
  • You want to expand your knowledge of acrylic paint and mediums
  • You are a complete beginner, or a professional artist

Fully inclusive cost £149.

Dates 2016 – 2017

KICKSTART your CREATIVITY  Monday 24th October 2016 FULLY BOOKED

KICKSTART your CREATIVITY   Saturday 29th October 2016 FULLY BOOKED

KICKSTART your CREATIVITY   Sunday 30th October 2016 FULLY BOOKED

KICKSTART your CREATIVITY  Saturday 1st  April 2017 FULLY BOOKED


KICKSTART your CREATIVITY Saturday 28th October 2017 Book Now


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